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  1. Hi! I need a diagram of the connection of the instrument panel and the BCM unit on the table. Do you need more blocks? What is need
  2. I bought a copy of the same key from aliexpress. It was successfully stitched into the car. All functions work, including Keyless. The only problem is that it is not stable. Sometimes the car loses it, but this is rare
  3. It is wiring diagram on tis2web. Have 3 wires instead of one
  4. I don't know. Now it work in diesel only
  5. The topic of software for activating the oil pressure sensor in the standard dashboard on diesel engines is very interesting. Physically, you need to replace the sensor with a 3-pin GENERAL MOTORS 55573719 (normally it is of the closing type with 1 contact) and lay new wiring to the engine control unit. It's quite simple. But how to prescribe all this?
  6. It is very interesting to jointly make a guide to the purpose of each item in the menu for opening tabs of the instrument panel. Because information can only be obtained by brute force, trial and error
  7. This works well on gasoline cars. Did you manage to implement it on 2.0 CDTI?
  8. Hello pronin272, Welcome to the community. is an online community for folks of a creative mindset to hang out, share different interests and discuss stuff based on Cameras, Photos, Videos, Electronics, Art, Music, Creating stuff and meeting new people.

    All genera of positive creativity are welcome. 

    Please feel free to browse around and get to know the other members.

    In order to download FREE files you will need at least one post count.

    You can start off by introducing yourself, your art, or your creative interests in the topic created for you at this weblink Hi pronin272, Welcome to the community

    If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

    Thanks for joining the community.

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