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  1. Don't know about those functions yet, but maybe in time I'll have that sorted. I'll keep you posted.
  2. Anyone know how to force an HMI system software update using a USB thumb drive created from SPS? I'm attempting to switch a junkyard Chevy MyLink HMI to a Cadillac CUE HMI. While the thumb drive is accessible to the HMI upon plugging it in to any of the USB ports, the upgrade is not acknowledged on my bench setup or in either of my Cadillacs. Gonna need more tinkering methinks...
  3. What are you looking to "hack"? We might have similar ideas...
  4. Woohoo! Looking forward to leveraging this ?
  5. Thanks Troy, this is an awesome post! Looking forward to messing around with my own replacement HMI/Radio modules to see what kind of fun I can have. ?
  6. Hello Cadiblaster, Welcome to the community. is an online community for folks of a creative mindset to hang out, share different interests and discuss stuff based on Cameras, Photos, Videos, Electronics, Art, Music, Creating stuff and meeting new people.

    All genera of positive creativity are welcome. 

    Please feel free to browse around and get to know the other members.

    In order to download FREE files you will need at least one post count.

    You can start off by introducing yourself, your art, or your creative interests in the topic created for you at this weblink Hi Cadiblaster, Welcome to the community

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    Thanks for joining the community.

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