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Here you will find Free information and files for upgrading your HMI v2 to the HMI v2.5
This will enable you to have Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, better SAT-NAV maps, play videos, faster touch reaction from your touch screen.
This information can also be used for:
1. Upgrading your 4 inches IPC/Instrument cluster to an 8 inch IPC.
2. Change the VIN numbers in GM car modules that support Configuration-Setup XML file
3. Vin relearn for the HMI modules.
4. Vin relearn for the Radio modules aka SilverBox.
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Paul Smith London men's perfume relaunch.
One of my favourite men's perfume is London by Paul Smith.
Reasons being, it has a very pleasant ancient unique odour and it's very long lasting, for example, if I spray it on your skin the fragrance will last all day. If I spray it on your clothes, after two days I can still it. Many perfumes when first sprayed will give off a nice fragrance then after a few hours, that nice fragrance fades away and leaves a base note fragrance, which is different from that first fragrance. With Paul Smith London it is different. After two days I can still smell the original first sprayed fragrance on my clothes.

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British Museum - 25
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The Goal Zero Sherpa 100PD GOAL ZERO power bank has 8 18650 batteries
Photos below 
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A  beats studio 3 for Christmas.
I received a Dr Dre beets studio three as one of my Christmas gifts this year.
I had the first beats studio, which got lost or stolen some time ago.
I replaced that lost beats studio with an Audeze LCDX.
The LCDX is an excellent headphone; It's the best sounding headphone I have ever heard. The cons with the LCDX is are, it's enormous and is not wireless.
After using the LCDX with a modified mic headphone cable with my iPhone for over two years, I got fed up of the headphone cable dangling and sometimes getting hitched on things. I need a wireless setup for when I'm out and about.
Lucky me Santa Clause drop by this year with a nice new beats studio 3.
From my memory, the beats studio 3 sound as good as the first beats studio, bassy and clear. It's no Audeze LCDX in terms of sound quality, but it's good enough for my moderate listening needs, which are, listening to music when I'm out, listening to my laptop and apple tv if needed.
From using both headphones, I'll list the pro and cons from my perspective.
The beats studio 3
Wireless Remote control for song play-pause, skip forward, backwards, mic for phone calls and Siri ready. Light in weight. 20 hours runtime. Noise-cancelling  Ok sounding. Cons:
Not as comfy as LCDX. Not great sounding as the LCDX.  
Audeze LCDX 
excelent sound. Very comfortable  Cons:
Heavy and large Not wireless. All in all, owning both these sets of headphone is a good ballane. 

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The Lifepowr A3 MacBook pro power bank specifications are listed as a 27000mah power bank with a USB-C output at 87watts.
After receiving a Lifepowr A3 MacBook pro power bank, I opened it up to see what's inside. There are 8 Samsung INR18650-35E, 18650 batteries combined, which equals to 28000mah output.

The INR18650-35E specs are  Official specifications: Nominal capacity: 3500mAh Minimum capacity: 3350mAh Nominal voltage: 3,6V - 3,7V Charging voltage: 4,2V Discharge current: 8A Maximum discharge current: 13A Charge current: 0,6C 2000mA Discharge end voltage: 2,65V Pluspol: FlatTop Chemistry: LiNiCoAlO2 Diameter: 18,55mm ± 0,1 Height: 65,25mm ± 0,15 Weight: 48g ± 1  
Photos bellow
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I was in need of a car charger for my MacBook Pro 16 2019 model. I bought a Lifepowr TP96 Car Charger. After connecting my MacBook pro to this charger, it has damaged the charging hardware in my MacBook Pro, which I will need to take to apple to replace the MacBook logic board. The issues are: 
When there is no charging cable connected to the MacBook USB-C port, the MacBook is displaying "Power source: Power Adaptor."  When I connect the USB-C charger to the MacBook, it takes 5 seconds before it starts to charge.  I no longer hear the "tong" notification sound when the USB-C charge cable is connected to the MacBook.
Be warned. Do not plug your MacBook pro 16inch to a Lifepowr TP96 Car Charger. It will damage it
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13 FREE! Instant Films Pro Rec709 LUTs
13 FREE! Instant Films profession color Rec709 grading LUTs.
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34 FREE! Mix Color Rec709 Pro LUTs
34 FREE! Professional Mix color,  Rec709 color grading LUTs
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ON1 launches Photo RAW 2019.5
Photo software developer On1 has introduced an update to its Raw photo processing application that it claims is up to 50x faster than the previous version and which includes a host of new features. The company says that every feature added and each improvement made in Photo RAW 2019.5 is a direct result of customer feedback.
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20 FREE! Mix color Rec709 Pro LUTs
20 FREE! Professional Mix color,  Rec709 color grading LUTs
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