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IPC PIN CODE Change DPS file, 2 bytes seed
This DPS file can change the PIN CODE in most GM Global-A 2 bytes IPC modules.
Without a pin code change in a used IPC, BCM, ECM, you won’t be able to program those modules via SPS using the vehicle’s original PIN. You would need to know the PIN for the vehicle that the used module came from. 
In order to change the PIN code in a used GM module, you will need to know the PIN code that’s already programmed/stored in that module. Without knowing that PIN code, you will not be able to change the PIN code in the modules using DPS. You can use DPS to read the modules VIN, then find a source that can convert the VIN into the PIN code.
You have to wait 12 minutes for the PIN code programming procedure to be completed by DPS.
Watch this video to see process.
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SDM AirBag Vin Change With GM DPS
Changing the VIN in GM SMD AirBag modules is vital when recycling a used module. You can achieve this by using this DPS file.
These files only works with GM Global-A vehicles.
Play the video to see the process.
GM Global-A 2 byte seed file 
GM Global-A 5 byte seed file 
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Harman INFO3.6 CSM MY21 SiriusXM GM Radio HMI, Unlock Vin change with DPS
Harman INFO3.6 CSM MY21 SiriusXM GM Radio HMI, Unlock Vin change with DPS
This file will unlock and change the vin for the radio module in the photos below.


Purchase from here.
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GM DPS v4.51. The latest version as of June 2022, with the much needed improvements and new features.
This version is not a cracked version as the other DPS.
After purchasing I will need to activate DPS v4.51 via the TeamViewer application remotely.
The DPS v4.51 activation certificate will expires in 2024.
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GM Emulator Tool. VIN To PIN And Emulate GM Vehicle Modules
You can use this tool to virtually emulate the OBD interface and emulate the electronic modules in GM vehicles.
The modules which can be emulated are, ECM, TCM, BCM, EBCM, SDM, EPS, ECC, AFL, IPC, CGM, RADIO, EPB and C2.
Things you can do with this tool.
You can retrieve the Car Pass/four-digit PIN code for GM vehicles using only the vehicle's VIN number, aka VIN to PIN. You can use this tool with GM Techline connect SPS service to retrieve GM SPS calibration files without connecting a vehicle to an OBD interface. This is great for collecting various calibration files from various VIN number for activating features to your liking.  
This tool is locked to PC hardware ID. After purchasing we will activate your PC via the Team Viewer application.
Purchase from here 
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How to generate GM Seed Key using GM's DPS
This was tested on 2 byte security seed for GM 2016 insignia.
If you have a 5, or 32 byte GM global B vehicle module, can you test and post a feedback if it works.
In this tutorial I demonstrate how to find the seed key for the GM E59 ECM module which uses the 2 byte security seed key.
Tools you will need are.
Hex editor A copy of a working GM DPS with the appropriate OBD interface connect to your car's OBD port. The Utility file for the module that you need the seed key for. Click here for the tutorial on how to get a modules utility file.  
Step 1
Open the utility file in the hex editor and look for the first code: 27. 27 is the GM's operational code for security access.
Right beside the 27 op code, you will see the security algorithm code, in this example the security algorithm code for the E59 ECM module is: E7. Right beside the security algorithm code you will see the security table code. In this example the security table code is: 00
See the below attached photo example for the needed security algorithm and security table code in the hex editor.

Step 2
Open dps, click Get Controller Info. Then select the security table: 00 as was stated in the hex editors modules utility file. Type the security algorithm code: E7 as was stated in the hex editors modules utility file. Click "Read Info" DPs will then generate the seed key for the module.
See the below attached photo example for typing in the security algorithm and security table code into DPS.

Please leave a feedback and let us know if this method works for 5 byte and 32 byte GM seed key vehicles.
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How to change the VIN number in GM K43 electric Power steering control module using DPS
Changing the VIN number in a used GM K43 electric Power steering control module is vital for car parts recycling.
You can achieve it by using this special DPS vin change file.
Watch the video, which demonstrate the quick and fast process.
Power Steering Module VIN Number Change DPS File
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How to change mileage in GM's cars using GM's DPS
Changing the odometer's mileage in GM's vehicles is vital when recycling a used BCM module. This can be achieved by using the GM DPS software and this particular DPS type4 application file.
Check the below video for the process.
DPS Type4 mileage change file
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Type4 applications for GM's DPS
The Type4 Application functionality within DPS allows the user to run a pre-defined software procedure on GM's motor vehicle modules offline without using a GM's online SPS subscription. These procedures typically execute a setup/learn function that requires user interaction. Examples: Oil Life Setup, BPP Learn, Clutch Position Learn, Key immobiliser learn etc.

Brake Pedal Position Sensor Learn
Car Keys immobiliser learn
To Be Continued 😃 
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How to get cheap GM GDS2 for eternity.
Global Diagnostic System 2 aka GDS2 
GDS2 is GM's motor vehicle diagnostic software used by auto mechanics to perform diagnostics, including reading fault codes, resetting electronic modules configurations and various other configurations.
In order to have access to GDS2, one has to subscribe 
In this tutorial, I'll demonstrate how to pay once then have GDS2 access for eternity.
GDS2 uses two security measures, a hardware ID file and a system licence file. This tutorial circumvents the system licence file. That's why one needs to purchase a GM subscription in order to obtain the hardware ID file.
Step 1
Purchase a GDS2 subscription for the shortest/cheapest length
For USA cars, use ACDelco.
For European use ServiceBox
Step 2
Install and run GDS2 on all the PC you intend to use the GDS diagnostic software.
Step 3
Navigate to C:\ProgramData\GM\TIS2WebProxy\.dls\.lreg 
From that folder, delete the licence file that's there and replace it with the attached infiniteLease.dat file.
The infiniteLease.dat file also works with the new Techline GDS2 
Step 4 
Restart the GDS2 application. The Days remaining until lease expires should change to infinite.

GDS2 Infinite lease file 
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How to update the HMI 2.5 navigation maps using GM DPS
Officially when you purchase the HMI navigation map update from GM, GM dispatches the map update on a USB stick drive, which is locked to the VIN number submitted when purchasing the map update.
This added map update security makes it impossible to use that map update USB stick to update the HMI module in cars other than the one you purchased the map update for.

In order to overcome the map update security issue and to be able to use map update USB sticks on other cars, one has to perform a few tricks.
As mention, the HMI module map update USB stick is locked to the car's VIN number it was purchased for.
The trick
Step 1
Temporary change the VIN number in the car's BCM module to the VIN number of the map update USB stick.
Step 2
Temporary change the VIN number in the car's HMI and radio module to the VIN number of the map update USB stick.
Extract the map update file onto a reputable USB stick drive.
Step 4
Place the map update USB stick into the car's USB port and let the car update the map.
Step 5 
After the car updates the map, do steps 1 and step 2 again, change the BCM, HMI, and radio module VIN numbers back to your car's original VIN number.

There are two known options for changing the BCM module's VIN number using GM DPS programming software.
Option 1
Use SPS to acquire the XML files for your car's BCM module then use the XML files method to change the BCM VIN number.

Option 2
Use GM DPS programming software and my custom BCM VIN change file to change the car's BCM VIN number.
 There are one known option for changing the car's HMI and radio modules VIN number using GM DPS programming software.
Option 1
Use GM DPS programming software and my custom HMI/RADIO module VIN change file to change the car's HMI and radio module VIN number.

This file includes all the files needed to update the maps for Europe HMI 2.5 module.
BCM, HMI and radio module VIN change DPS files.
MEGA web link for the last latest 2019 Europe navigation maps to be extracted on to a USB stick drive.
The map file is over 12GB
This file includes files needed to update the maps for USA HMI 2.5 module, THE USA MAP UPDATE FILE IS INCLUDED.
BCM, HMI and radio module VIN change DPS files.
THE USA MAP UPDATE FILE IS NOT INCLUDED. I'll add that file when I source a copy.
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This is a partial tutorial.
It's beneficial to read up on this other tutorial to familiarise yourself with GM's calibration files concept if you're new. 
I will demonstrate how to trick GM's online SPS into giving you the needed calibration files when the module is already updated to the latest calibration version, or has a different part number version for the car/VIN it was originally coded for.
Before you approach this method, you need to already have a set of calibration files for the editing process, maybe from a different car's Vin number, which is using the same specs module.
This method works best with GM's European marketed cars. With the marketed European cars, only one file needs to be edited to carry out the trick. More than likely, all the files in the calibration package will need to be edited with the American marketed cars( I could be wrong on this).
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GM Opel Radio SilverBox and HMI 2.5 module VIN number Relearn DPS file
This file will activate the HMI 2.5 and Radio/SilverBox module to learn whatever VIN number that's stored in the BCM module.
One file which will relearn the VIN Number for both the Radio/SilverBox and HMI module.
Remove the Theft lock from both the Radio/SilverBox and HMI module.
Geat if you want to install a used HMI and Radio/SilverBox to your car.

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How to update Insignia/Buick Regal 2014 IPC firmware to 2017 with GM DPS
This tutorial illustrates how to update your 2014 Insignia-A/Buick Regal 8-inches instrument cluster to the last firmware update. This update will gives better graphics and features, with minor differences compared to the later 2019 Insignia-B instrument cluster graphics. Before you attempt to upgrade the instrument cluster/IPC firmware you need to take into account 2 important things. You need to already have a Buildrecord.txt file with all your car’s RPO codes in the list. DTC error may pop up on your IPC screen and you will need to deactivate them manually by editing IPC’s XMLfile.xml file as explained in the other IPC tutorials.
Click the fullscreen icon for larger viewing. 
The firmware files.
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How to create GM DPS archive file from SPS cache files for HMI module
This tutorial will demonstrate getting the calibration files for the HMI module and creating the DPS archive file for the HMI module.
This process can be used for the other modules.
Click the fullscreen icon for larger viewing.
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How to change EPROM PIN code and VIN number in GM's instrument cluster IPC
How to manually change the VIN number in an 8-inches Insignia instrument cluster.

This tutorial shows how to change the VIN number and security pin number stored in the IPC EPROM chip.
Tools you will need
Soldering iron and solder. A hot air rework station or solder wick use for removing the EPROM chip. A chip programming device I use the GQ-4X Willem Programmer A hex editor I use Synalize Pro for Apple Mac  
The process is very straight forward.
Take apart the IPC and remove the circuit board. Remove the 8-pin soic EPROM chip. Place the EPROM chip in the chip programmer. Read the chip and save the chip's .bin file. Open the .bin file in a hex editor. Find the location of the VIN and four-digit PIN code. Change the VIN and PIN code to the ones from your car. Save the edited .bin file.  Use the chip programmer to write the edited .bin file onto the EPROM chip. Solder the EPROM chip back to the circuit board.  
After doing this, the car's mileage will display correctly on the IPC unit.
You will now be able to program the IPC unit via GM online SPS using your cars original four-digit pin code.
You will receive an IPC DTC error from GDS2, which states "Incorrect Immobilizer Identifier Received"
To eliminate this DTC error, you will need to use GM's online SPS immobilizer learn to delete your car's keys and relearn your car's keys.
There's a much faster method for changing the VIN number in the instrument cluster using GM DPS software.
However if you want to change the four-digit PIN code the cheep way, you will need to remove the EPROM chip to do it.
VIN number location in the hex editor.

Four-digit PIN code number location in the hex editor.

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DPS  4.44
GM DPS, GM  Development Programming System Version 4.44
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HMI theft lock, How to remove GM HMI theft lock with GM DPS, Plus more.
Here you will find Free information and files for upgrading your HMI v2 to the HMI v2.5
This will enable you to have Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, better SAT-NAV maps, play videos, faster touch reaction from your touch screen.
This information can also be used for:
1. Upgrading your 4 inches IPC/Instrument cluster to an 8 inch IPC.
2. Change the VIN numbers in GM car modules that support Configuration-Setup XML file
3. Vin relearn for the HMI modules.
4. Vin relearn for the Radio modules aka SilverBox.
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How to change VIN number in GM instrument cluster, BCM and Brake using GM DPS
In this video, I demonstrate how to use GM DPS and DPS archive files to change the instrument cluster's VIN number.
The exact process can be used for other modules using those modules specific archive files. 
You can use this process to change the VIN number in a used instrument cluster for displaying the correct mileage from the BCM module onto the instrument cluster.
GM IPC Instrument Cluster VIN Change DPS Archive
GM BCM VIN Change DPS Archive
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Thinkware U1000 dash cam and iVolt mini battery install and mod
This is not really a review as they're already tons of reviews all over the web about the Thinkware U1000 DashCam.
In this article I display my mods for discreetly installing the U1000 in my car and modifying two Thinkware iVolt mini battery for longer paring mode recording without using the car's battery.
It's a shame Thinkware didn't design the iVolt mini battery with a USB port and a port for extending the battery like some of the other brands.
The U1000 live view feature via the in car always on wifi.
Yep' alert notification to my mobile phone when the dashcam senses even a slight movement or thump, plus I can login to view the live footage for both front and rear cameras from anywhere in the world. It fully works and is a great feature.
The Thinkware battery teardown

The think ware battery mod

The car's mirror trim mod

The install

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Tactrix Openport 2.0 genuine vs clone
The original is the one with the black OBD connector.
Both seems to have the same electronic parts.
Both works the same but I would trust the original more.
Photos of the inside below.
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How To Hack Apple Mac EFI Bios Firmware Password On A MacBook Pro 2011
If you're reading this, I'm guessing you yourself is on a mission to remove an unknown bias password from a Macbook pro.
I'll start off with the tools you will need in order to spare you the read

Tools needed.
A sop 8 chip programmer with a sop 8 holder or pin connectors. ( I use the True Wellem USB chip programmer acquired some years ago back in my Xbox 360 hacking days). A hot air rework station, or a soldering iron with soldering wick and a razor blade. A hex editor software. (I use the Synalyze it Pro Hex editor on Mac). Hacking an Apple MacBook pro bios security chip may seem sinister in some cases, But can also be a ligament case whereby the owner forgot his password and do not have the original apple receipt in order to access the bios lock from Apple Inc.
Before I get into the nitty-gritty of the how-to.
The 2011 MacBook pro was one of Apple's greatest creation aside from the major graphics card issues with this model.
Many large live productions shows are still being powered by a Macbook pro-2011 to in the year 2019. 
Some of the pros are.
i7 processor, option to upgrade the ROM, the option to install a standard SSD drive, and the option to remove the CD drive then install a second SSD drive.
The Hack.

Remove the Bios chip for the logic board 

Place the Bios chip in your chip programer.

Read then Dump the chip code.

Open the chip code in your hex editor and search for "pN" or what ever gibberish is on the photo above. The line is located at the bottom of the chip code.

Select it all and change the gibberish to hex: FF

Then Dump the edit code back to the bios chip.

Re-solder the bios chip back to the MacBook Pro Logic board.
If all goes well you should have a MacBook Pro with no more Bois Password.
If you need more help doing this Hack, feel free to drop a comment.
Happy Hacking.
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Yep’ I’m still riding the Anamorphic wave. I got me a Helium iPhone case and a Rode video mic micro to top it off. The Helium case is top-notch, its made from full alloy metal. As I said before “I likes meee metals”. The Helium case has a 37mm threaded lens attachment incorporated in the phone case, which gives a direct fit for the Moondog labs Anamorphic lens adapter. The case has mounting points all around, which is great for mounting various accessories. Example, a mic, lights, a handle, a selfie stick, mounting to a tripod, or anything else that needs mounting. The craftsmanship displayed in this iPhone case is spot on, I’d say perfection. The phone fits snugly in the cutout. One of the features I like is the thumb screws for installing and removing the mobile phone, quick and easy. The Rode video mic sound quality is great, Rode creates very good mics. My only fault with the Rode’s video mic micro is the vibration isolation mount. The mount is a bit flimsy, which makes the mic bounce up and down when walking. A quick fix of mine sorted the bouncy problem. By using some rubber bands known as Loom Bands, wrapped around the mount, I was able to cut out most of the bounciness. The Moondog Anamorphic lens adopted is great, its worth every penny. All in all, these are great products and I highly recommend them to anyone seeking to explore Anamorphic filming. check out my blog post about modifying the Rode video mic micro for damping the bounciness.<br style="background-color:#ffffff;color:#313131;font-size:15px;padding:0px;">Also, check out my vid on the tube below.
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Propagating Plants
There’re many reasons to propagate plants otherwise know as taking plant cuttings. Some of the reasons are.
Cost: Is cheaper to propagate a few plants from what you already have than to go out and purchase new of the same. Plant life expectancy: Many perennial plants live for a few years then die, taking cuttings from those plants extends the species living in your garden. Multiplying the breed: Say you only have one type of a specific plant in your garden. You can take cuttings from the mother plant then multiply the breed. The good feelings: One of the greatest feelings as gardener or hobbyist is to see a plant develop from seed or cutting into a beautiful spender from the likes of your doings. Those are only some of the reason why it’s good to propagate plants.  
Propagating plants is not difficult. Many plants can be propagated simply in your home or garden with no effort.I’ll jot here what works best for me as a hobbyist gardener living in London UK. Through the years I’ve experimented propagating various plant types. At first, many of my cuttings would not root, they’d dry up. I found out when taking cutting its best to take cut from a new growth section from the mother plant. Cut a stem that is green and soft, not developed yet into a woody type stem. Since doing that 99% of my cuttings always roots. Many plants will root by inserting the cutting in moist compost or a container holding water. I found’ dipping the cuttings in hormone rooting powered makes the rooting process much faster.  The process
Start off by using a clean plant cutting tool to collect your cuttings. Take cuttings which are green, soft not matured yet. New growth shoots are best. Here in London, I noticed the plants pop out new growth twice per year. Once after the winter, around April May and later in the year, around July August. Remove leaves and stems from the bottom of the cuttings, basically, you want to create a clean stem to stick into the compost. Wet the cuttings then dip them in some rooting powder. Pop them in the compost then compress the compost around the base, make it slightly tight. Pour some water onto your new potted cuttings. Let it sit for about three weeks in a nice warm spot, away from the direct sun is best. One important thing is to make sure the compost is moist/wet all the time. In about three weeks you’ll have some nice cuttings from your mother plants ready to re-pot or spread out in your garden or indoors.
In the photo above, those are cuttings were taken from a daisy mother plant, after three weeks they’ve popped out nice fresh healthy roots ready to be re-potted or plant on in the garden.
Check out my video which illustrates a bit more about how I propagate plants here in London UK.That’s it, nothing much to it.Happy propagating. 
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Creating a Brass hinges for a Constantine lighter Movie size
The first hinges on my lighter broke, it was thin and not strong enough. This time around I thought I'll create a much thicker hinge from a bit of bass bar. The best way to create the hinges would be to use a CNC milling machine which would need to be program and tested. I chose to create the hinge from the eye with a Dremel tool.


I started off by tapping bigger threads for bigger screws.

The brass bar I used to create the hinge.

Measured and cut the bit I will use.

Measured and mark both sides of the brass metal hinge using a sharpie and a razor blade 

After some Time I had both sides groove cut outs and fitting spot on.

Grinding and milling to the size I need.

Riveted up and seems ok.

After one day I completed the hinges, installed a patina.

Engraved my name on the back.

After creating the hinges I created a bigger close hammer for the lighter lid.
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