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A message to General Motors and its friends


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A message to General Motors and its friends

A  message to General Motors and that Lurker clown who keep lurking around on this website.

General Motors: Now I have your full attention, I took some time out of my very busy schedule to respond to you in the public domain.

First off, your efforts are very puny.


Your methods.

  1. You tried to remove this website by reporting this website to its hosting provider as a site hosting copyrighted items.
  2. You reported those Youtube and Vimeo tutorial videos as holding copyrighted items.
  3. You harassed a well-known car forum's admin to remove all past posts and topics as topics discussing copyrighted items.
  4. You ransacked the web, searching and compiling information that you could use to identify THE TROY.
  5. You created numerous fake accounts on this website then private message members telling them not to post nor download anything from this website.

The answers.

  1. This website is hosted offshore in Russia and China. You will need to contact the Russian and Chinese authorities to get this website remove.
  2. Those video tutorials are no longer hosted on Youtube and Vimeo. They are now hosted at the root. Now try and get them remove.
  3. Getting those past topics and posts removed from the other well-known car forum was a nice gesture. Thanks. Now all the information DIYers and others need are all pointed to one domain #CameraLoops.com
  4. All the data you collected to identify THE TROY was placed there by THE TROY intentionally as a method used to identify you and your PUNY Lurker clown friend. Pluss guess what. THE TROY has no FEAR, THE TROY is not hiding, and THE TROY has nothing to lose nor gain.
  5. Your efforts are LAME!!!


The contribution received from this site goes into funding this website's hosting cost, and the rest gets donated to THE TROY'S chosen true charity to help feed the poor and the homeless. 


Before THE TROY came along, DPS and methods used to circumvent General Motors PUNY and VULNERABLE electronic securities were already floating freely all over the web for many years in many different locations. Some people were even making a lot of money selling it in the shadows. All THE TROY did was move the information from the shadows into the light.




CLICK HERE. This is a website that is selling DPS for many years long before THE TROY came along.


CLICK HERE. This is a website that is selling DPS for many years long before THE TROY came along.


Screenshot 2021-11-02 at 10.49.41 pm.pngScreenshot 2021-11-12 at 11.46.01.png




General Motors Negativity and judgements.

  1. Take a good look at this earth now. It is polluted and slowly but surely on the verge of destruction due to money-hungry corporate industrial goons like General Motors and its friends, which is one of the main driving forces behind the earth's ruin. #GlobalWarming
  2. Your obsession with money and control has continued to cause a lot of unnecessary grief and deaths to the poor and the less fortunate worldwide.
  3. Due to fossil fuel and the elicit methods used to gain fuel to power your machines and vehicles, this earth has seen and witnessed some of the worst wars, killing millions of innocent people.
  4. Every year thousands of THE TROY's YOUNG BLACK BROTHERS AND SISTERS gets killed, buried alive in makeshift tunnels, digging for minerals used to create electronic parts that are used in your machines and vehicles.
  5. Your gas-guzzling machines and vehicles are over polluting the earth.

Those are only a few of the overwhelming drastic negativity companies like yours have inflicted on this earth.

Later I'll type some more.


A few of the positivity CameraLoops.com website brings to this earth.

  1. Thanks to this website, people are now able to recycle General motors car parts using cheap and free information. 
  2. Fewer car parts getting dumped in landfills, contaminating the earth.
  3. People can now repair their General Motors cars themselves = Their cars last longer, and they save on the extortionate cost the General Motors dealership charges to do minor things.
  4. People can now update their cars with later car parts and features, removing the need to buy a new car=Fewer cars on the earth, less pollution and waste.
  5. People use the information on this website to help build their knowledge and understanding, which helps them to become better at their profession, which they use to support their families.

To be continued 


I see General motors branching off into electric cars and using electric as a catchphrase to claim they are environmentally friendly. 

The big question is. What fuel source is use to generate the electricity that will be use to charge your electric vehicles?


The time and resources you General Motors is using to harass THE TROY and this website, you could use that time and money to improve on things that will actually benefit this earth.


Here are a few ideas for you, General Motors, to go and ponder on.

With your so called electric cars, why not use the two rear wheels as a dynamo to charge the car's batteries while the car is moving. A simple switching circuitry and battery zone configuration can easily achieve that.

The sun outputs enough energy in one day that can power the whole earth for over a year. Why not embed solar cells technology into the car's outer shell so the car charges itself while it is exposed to the sun, of which both parked and driving, the car is always exposed to the sun's rays.

Oh, I forgot, the car manufacturers and the fuel sellers are all friends, and their friends need to make lots of money from selling electricity while they all destroy this earth.


I'm getting bored typing this now.

I may check for typos and update this message later.

Once more "I await your efforts"


To all the folks who have supported and contributed, Thanks very much.

Long live free information.

One LOve.




The code is embedded in the ART.

Russian Constructivism inspired-assignment-2 26.09.2021-min.jpg


About The Author

Troy is a professional Artist, Photographer, Videographer, Musician and Creator with a love for arts, electronics, coding, hacking stuff, traveling, taking photos and creating internet content. He is also the founder of CameraLoops.com

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16 hours ago, Arcani said:

nice message! but is not the domain the weak point in the setup? maybe a fall back domain?


Yeah true. A .ru, .su or even a .sy top level ICC would be more bulletproof.

If they become desperate and want to play the trademark game, it would take the major search engines spiders no more than two months to repopulate their cache for the information.

Sometime we fatten the cow before we take it to the slaughter house🙂.

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1 hour ago, med458 said:

Or start a onion website if you are really worried.

No need for Tor. No Fear here.

General Motors are worried as they have a lot to lose not The Troy...

That's why they try to bully this website.

General Motors should be ashamed of themselves, A big multimillion dollar vehicle manufacture that has less than average device security.

Their whole system is vulnerable and compromised.


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