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I likes to explore


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Hello everyone,

I am deng. I discovered this community by chance and I am interested in joining here. I found that there are many special people here.


This is me:
I used to be a communications development engineer, and at the same time I like racing very much. Finally, I transferred from the development of communications equipment to automotive electronics. I want to use the microcontroller technology, programming technology, network technology, etc. I have mastered in the automotive electronics field. It is a very interesting thing, and it is indeed the case.


In 2016, I cracked a TCU access algorithm of GM. That was the beginning. After that, I had in-depth research on the SEED/KEY, calibration files, programming process, and test control of GM TCU, and gained a lot of experience. Achievement.


At the same time, I have deep experience in CAN message analysis and developed a powerful CAN analysis business software.


Moreover, I have applied these experiences to other brands such as Ford, Mercedes-Benz, and Volkswagen, and it has been very rewarding.


Finally, I hope to communicate with you here, I will selflessly share what I understand, and I will explore the unknown with you.



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I'm not working for automotive industry (worked for mobile communications/automated tests but now working for massive data processing/transforming) but interested in enabling hidden/disabled features/retrofit in vehicle.

My vehicle is 2014MY Chevrolet Malibu Diesel and did activated US style DRL (low beam as DRL), euro spec rear fog lamp, remote vehicle start (partial success - done on BCM side, but rejected by ECM), disable speed biasing on cluster.


Glad to see your introduction.

Welcome to community!

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