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GM Radio/SilverBox USA satellite and HMI 2.5 module VIN number Relearn, remove theft lock with GM DPS


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GM Radio/SilverBox USA satellite and HMI 2.5 module VIN number Relearn, remove theft lock with GM DPS

This file will activate the HMI 2.5 and Radio/SilverBox module to learn whatever VIN number that's stored in the BCM module.

One file which will relearn the VIN Number for both the Radio/SilverBox and HMI module.
Remove the Theft lock from both the Radio/SilverBox and HMI module.
Great if you want to install a used HMI and Radio/SilverBox to your car.

I will not be creating a tutorial nor offer any help on creating and editing custom DPS calibration script files.
However, if you want to create your own DPS script files. 
You can read the DPS Interpreters and GMW 3110 manual and use a hex editor to create DPS script files. 
The DPS Interpreters and GMW 3110 manual can be found here. CLICK


HMI and Radio/SilverBox file. FOR OPEL SilverBOX. Not for USA satellite radio module



HMI and USA Satellite Radio file. FOR USA Satellite Radio module. Not for EU Silver box radio module









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I am new to all this.  I have a question.  Is it possible to use this method and "sniff" the process and then play back the canbus network traffic that the sniffer captured to do the task again?  I put together a working canbus sniffer using a youtube tutorial that uses canbus gui.  I can capture and send packets.  I would be happy to use this method first and sniff it, but then leave the j2534 device behind and just use my tiny arduino to do the sps program the second time, if it is possible.


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