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2.0 update stays at zero %


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first of all this is an amazing forum.  kudos to all of you


my mothers 2015 yukon.  she ordered the maps update, and it stays on zero %.


sounds like the emmc is bad.


something tells me this is basic knowledge that I cant find, but is there a way to fix this?  she took it to the dealer and they couldnt fix it.


she I try and reflow the solder around the emmc?  is it replacement needed?


thanks in advance



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Easiest would be to just pick up a used one from Ebay for about $100.  It is either the 23228496 (AVF) or the 23266008 (non-AVF) in that Yukon.  There is a 1/2 year split so you need the VIN to check the RPO code for "AVF".


The non-2.5 HMI modules are pretty affordable.  If you don't want to upgrade to the 2.5 version.

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I'll probably just swap it out.  


would be nice to get the carplay etc, but just getting it working will be better.  


2.5s seem to be $300 plus all the other stuff I'd need to do apparently


was really hoping to repair the current one as sounds like something fried the writeable memory

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