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Chevrolet Cruze Gen2 IPC


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I have a 2017 Cruze with the black and white IPC.  I hoped to be able to install the color display so I purchased a used one and tested it in the car.

All of the steering wheel controls work correctly with the UDD IPC except the two radio volume and channel buttons on the back of the steering wheel.


I did some checking and the same wheel/buttons are used with cars that have the upgraded IPC so it isn't a button difference.


Our Cruze does not have the upgraded radio with the HMI (IO5 or IO6) so I'm guessing that is the problem.  Just a setting in the IPC I can't seem to locate.


My question then becomes was there an Astra K produced with the UDD IPC, but had the standard non HMI radio?


I pulled lots of different IPC calibrations for 2017 cars and trucks that all used the UDD version and have the same OS number all of them seemed to use an HMI except for the Impala.  I haven't tried to use those calibrations yet.



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