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astra j, need help with TQ5

Slava Colpak

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Hello guys, could you help me. I have an astra j vin W0LPD6EA7BG040530.
I wanted to add pro code TQ5,T3U to my car, but I can’t find a machine with T4A that has TQ5. 
I know that TQ5 with T4A were installed on astra j gtc
but all the cars I came across had T95,which does not suit me :(


T3U found the calibration. (vin W0LPD8EG1B8063814)
bcm sw 13582622


sorry for my english

bcm_orig.zip astra j fog test.zip ipcXMLFile.xml

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yes, guys, I know that globaltissv32 only knows the car's vin up to MY12.
I'm a big newbie to this. I got it in my head that calibrations can only be used for one year and sw. Is this true or am I mistaken?

I found vin W0LPD8EN2B8032621.
It fits sw, hw and MY11. but I don’t know how to correctly reprogram not AFL and not xenon. is this done in IPC correctly?

sorry that I ask so many questions 😃

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14 hours ago, Slava Colpak said:

I got it in my head that calibrations can only be used for one year and sw. Is this true or am I mistaken?


Well, it depends.


Sometimes there is a module which was first introduced in, let's say, MY08. It got some updates for MY09, but after that remained unchanged, and could be wound in vehicles for up to MY16.


Then, there is another module. Was introduced for MY10. But it had a lot of issues, and had a lot of updates each year, and finally they have fixed everything (or discontinued it) by MY15.


In some cases there is a different HW for the same module for each MY of production - all have their own unique software, of course.


So, as you can see - there are no general rules to that. It's up to engineer and/or manufacturer to provide SW updates.

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thanks for the detailed answer.


since my BCM has the same HW, SW in GlobalTiss v32 offline and Tis2Web (AcDelco) and the BCM module also has chassis vin restrictions (BG000001-BG999999). I’ll assume that calibrations only with the same sw and hw will suit me.


I was given a Headlamp Calibration different from my sw, I collected the archive, but have not yet tried to program my bcm with it. I’ll definitely try it tonight, but it seems to me it will be a fiasco.

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