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How to change VIN number in GM instrument cluster, BCM and Brake using GM DPS


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How to change VIN number in GM instrument cluster, BCM and Brake using GM DPS

In this video, I demonstrate how to use GM DPS and DPS archive files to change the instrument cluster's VIN number.
The exact process can be used for other modules using those modules specific archive files. 

You can use this process to change the VIN number in a used instrument cluster for displaying the correct mileage from the BCM module onto the instrument cluster.

Feel free to ask any questions for help in the comments section.



3 Byte seed key from 2009 to 2017 Insignia cars 

GM IPC Instrument Cluster VIN Change 3 bye DPS Archive

GM BCM VIN Change 3 byte DPS Archive


5 Byte seed key from 2018 and up Insignia cars

BCM VIN Change 5 Byte DPS Archive


Electronic Brake Control Module 3 byte Insignia 2015

2015 insgnia Electronic Brake Control Module VIN change file






About The Author

Troy is a professional Artist, Photographer, Videographer, Musician and Creator with a love for arts, electronics, coding, traveling, taking photos and creating internet content. He is also the founder of CameraLoops.com

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3 hours ago, Abdullah Anwar said:

Well done ?

How is it possible to get those files ? Through sps ? 

Hi Abdullah, Thanks.

To get the xml files for your car's modules, you will need GM SPS subscription for your vin.

I already have some xml files but they may or mayn't work with your car's modules.


This video shows the process for getting the xml files.


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Nice tutorial Troy I hope to be able to apply some of this to GM vehicles. I will give it a try with the next GM I have to program. If the situation permits and report back my findings. Thanks

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didnt mean to quote what was quoted
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