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At a loss trying to program TCM

Nicholas Taylor

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Hello everyone, had the tcm in my captiva fail, transmission is the 6t50. Was told by GM Holden that it will cost about $4500 to replace the tcm. brought a used gen1 tcm from ebay and figured id just re-program it through Techline Connect however i get a "E2700 hardware mismatch error" when trying too. i figure the part numbers are different and its locked to another car. Does anyone know how i can make this work, the original tcm is gone so i cant pull data from it. i have an MDI j2435 box and autel scanner. ive been searching all night but still at a loss. if i cant make it work i think i can buy a pre programmed tcm from aliexpress, where i send them my vehicle VIN. thanks fellers, any help is much appreciated

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VIN for my car is : KL3DD266JCB058155, and the part number of TCM that was originally in there 24264683.. VIN from the TCM i just put in the car : LSGUD84X9DE021079 with part number 24258562.    I was under the impression that all Gen 1 tcm's would fit, however im thinking now that the part numbers are not compatible and i should find a tcm that has the same number as original? The car is a holden captiva, made in korea





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The original TCM is unreadable because i tried to open it up and found that you cant do that. I fix alot of old cars, just getting into the newer stuff now so eager to learn. 

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Thank you, yes i looked into that earlier, led me to believe the tcm i brought is not compatible. Any idea what is different between the gen 1 tcms? they fit mechanically, are they calibrated differently, if so couldn't this be reset. 

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Скорее всего можно модифицировать этот модуль
слишком мало данных
нужно знать какие калибровки есть в этом модуле теперь
нужны данные из папки SPS DEBUG 

In terms of hardware, the blocks are most likely the same
if the color of the solenoids matches
but the bootloader versions were different
but this can also be circumvented with the appropriate equipment

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