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Use GMC Denali cluster gas in a diesel Chevy

Lister Llanes

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6 minutes ago, Lister Llanes said:

I have this friend who wants to program the Red Denali cluster (gas engine) from a Yukon to a 2016 Chevy Silverado 2500 Diesel.
Is that possible? 

What year is the current vehicle?  If it's the same generation, you should be able to.  Just note the RPM's are 6000 instead of 5000.

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14 minutes ago, Lister Llanes said:

It would be a cluster from a 2016 Yukon Denali Gas engine (red face) to a 2016 Chevy Silverado Diesel engine.

Ahhh ok, the 2016 Silverado I believe had the blue one?  I've got a Sierra so it was red but I'm running a 2018 cluster in mine.


Are they both Denali (old and new?) clusters?  Basically, you're going to have to load the calibrations (or similar) from the diesel to that gas one.  Some may not take due to the gas not liking the part #'s so the calibrations may have to be custom made.  Keep note of the VIN that the gas came out of.  Once the calibrations are done, the XML configuration will need to be performed and that can be a little trickier.  I can't see why it wouldn't work other than the tach being 5000 vs 6000.  Someone else on here is running an Acadia cluster in a Canyon so, it should be do-able.  If you just plug it in now, you'll lose mileage (wrong VIN) and it'll probably give all sorts of power steering warnings and such :).

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5 minutes ago, Lister Llanes said:

Old is a basic cluster, he is upgrading to the denali cluster.

Ok, so you're going to need Denali calibrations from a 2016 GMC.  What I'd do:


- Ensure you keep the VIN from the existing cluster (need this to find PIN later if you want to change it)


- Download the calibrations and configuration for the current cluster (get the RPO code list and such basically)

- Download 2016 GMC Sierra 2500HD Denali Cluster calibrations and config (I have some if you need)

- Download the 2016 Yukon Cluster Calibrations <--- May not be needed


First I'd try to put the 2016 Sierra Denali cluster calibrations and see if it takes them.  It may reject them...  if it accepts, that's good news.  The other thing you're going to encounter is the Denali 2500 (3500 doesn't) has TPMS so if it doesn't have it, that needs to be turned off.  I have calibrations for both off and on and I can flip those anyways.


If it doesn't accept it, what I would try then is (and you'd need help - I can build them) use the Yukon calibrations, copy the settings from the 2016 Sierra Denali files to the Yukon files then upload them.


And don't worry, even if programming fails, it's extremely difficult to completely brick these.  The worst-case, just flash back the Yukon original calibrations.

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