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The two best perfume on planet earth.


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The two best perfume on planet earth.

From ancient times to present perfume has played a very important part of our lives and wellbeing. We use perfumes for various traditions and occasions. It has been said "A satisfying scent can move many mountains" Throughout my life, I've had a yearning to collect great fragrances which I use in various forms to enhance my character and to benefit my mental wellbeing. Yep’ great smelling fragrance is vital for our mental and emotional wellbeing.

The three main characteristics I look for in a fragrance are.

  1. Uniqueness
  2. Pleasant 
  3. Longevity

Today I'll write a bit about two perfumes which I think has a wonderful scent. They are Oud and Leather by Acqua Di Parma.

Acqua Di Parma is an Italian fragrance company located in Parma Italy they release their first perfume Colonia in 1916.


Acqua Di Parma Oud and Leather - 6.jpeg

Colonia Oud

Acqua Di Parma release the Colonia Oud in 2012. 

The Colonia Oud scent is categorised as:

Top Notes: Bergamot and Orange

Heart Notes: Haitian Amyris Oil, Russian Coriander and Agarwood oil (Oud)

Base Notes: Cedarwood, Leather accord, Patchouli Oil, Sandalwood and Musk

The opening scent of the Acqua Di Parma Oud is uniquely amazing and welcoming. It's a well-balanced fragrance which is not overpowering and can be worn in all seasons. If you're an enthusiast of Agarwood (Oud) and seeking an Oud fragrance which is mild with a more modern welcoming twist you should try the Acqua Di Parma Oud.


Acqua Di Parma Oud and Leather - 5.jpeg

Colonia Leather

My other favourite is Acqua Di Parma Colonia Leather.

Acqua Di Parma released Colonia Leather in 2014.

The Colonia Leather scent is categorised as:

Top Notes: Brazilian Orange, Sicilian Lemon and Raspberry Accord.

Heart Notes: Red Thyme, Honeysuckle, Petitgrain and Rose Accord.

Base Notes: Leather accord, Cedar and Paraguayan Guaiac Oil.

Although the fragrance is called leather and does have a leather scent mixed in, the leather scent is not distinct. It does not smell like a leather sofa. To my nostrils and brain interpretations, the Colonia Leather has a very unique, sophisticated and luxurious aroma, a captivating scent which places my consciousness into a calm relaxing comfort zone. Between the two perfume listed, I find a calling for the Colonia Leather over Colonia Oud. Both are great perfumes with excellent longevity with no regrets. 

Happy smelling.

Acqua Di ParmaAcqua Di ParmaAcqua Di ParmaAcqua Di Parma

Acqua Di Parma Oud and Leather - 1.jpegAcqua Di Parma Oud and Leather - 2.jpeg


About The Author

Troy is a professional Artist, Photographer, Videographer, Musician and Creator with a love for arts, electronics, coding, traveling, taking photos and creating internet content. He is also the founder of CameraLoops.com

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