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Beats Studio 3 Vs Audeze LCDX headphones


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Beats Studio 3 Vs Audeze LCDX headphones

A  beats studio 3 for Christmas.

I received a Dr Dre beets studio three as one of my Christmas gifts this year.

I had the first beats studio, which got lost or stolen some time ago.

I replaced that lost beats studio with an Audeze LCDX.

The LCDX is an excellent headphone; It's the best sounding headphone I have ever heard. The cons with the LCDX is are, it's enormous and is not wireless.

After using the LCDX with a modified mic headphone cable with my iPhone for over two years, I got fed up of the headphone cable dangling and sometimes getting hitched on things. I need a wireless setup for when I'm out and about.

Lucky me Santa Clause drop by this year with a nice new beats studio 3.

From my memory, the beats studio 3 sound as good as the first beats studio, bassy and clear. It's no Audeze LCDX in terms of sound quality, but it's good enough for my moderate listening needs, which are, listening to music when I'm out, listening to my laptop and apple tv if needed.


From using both headphones, I'll list the pro and cons from my perspective.

The beats studio 3


  1. Wireless
  2. Remote control for song play-pause, skip forward, backwards, mic for phone calls and Siri ready.
  3. Light in weight.
  4. 20 hours runtime.
  5. Noise-cancelling 
  6. Ok sounding.


  1. Not as comfy as LCDX.
  2. Not great sounding as the LCDX.


Audeze LCDX 


  1. excelent sound.
  2. Very comfortable 


  1. Heavy and large
  2. Not wireless.

All in all, owning both these sets of headphone is a good balance. 


Beats studio 3-Cameraloops.com - 4.jpegBeats studio 3-Cameraloops.com - 7.jpegBeats studio 3-Cameraloops.com - 5.jpegBeats studio 3-Cameraloops.com - 3.jpegBeats studio 3-Cameraloops.com - 1.jpegBeats studio 3-Cameraloops.com - 11.jpegBeats studio 3-Cameraloops.com - 9.jpegBeats studio 3-Cameraloops.com - 8.jpeg



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