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Change Mileage In GM Cars


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Changing the mileage in GM vehicles is vital when recycling a used BCM module. Using the GM DPS software and this particular DPS type4 application file, you can achieve this.

To display the Type4 tab option on DPS, you need to install GM Techline connect and run the SPS programming option or copy these two files, dllsecurity.dll and tisvcsv4.dll, to C:\Users\Your_UserName\sps\nativelibs, folder.



Watch this video for the process.



DPS Type4 mileage change file




View full gm info

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On 9/28/2022 at 4:05 PM, speedo32 said:

Troy this is Speedo 32 do you have capability of mileage adjustment for Global B trucks/suvs


Hi, no I don’t. I did try to do it remotely on a 2021 car but I kept getting dps errors. I need to get some global b modules for my bench setup so I can do more test.

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On 10/25/2022 at 7:54 PM, Kyle Dibble-Dabney said:



That video was deleted due selfish members who take the free information and knowledge, they then use it to profit and don't give nothing back. Here is one of them Selfish mr fixing. He came to this website when he needed help with his IPC, I spent my time helping him, then when it was time for him to help another member with a simple issue, he wouldn't help that member.

I won't be placing that video and info back in the public viewing.


If you need that Video and info you can purchase it here from this link.


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You didn't even took some time to tell the internet thanks. I am 100% sure you did not figure it out all on your own.

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