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Lifepowr TP96 Car Charger damaged my MacBook Pro 16


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Lifepowr TP96 Car Charger damaged my MacBook Pro 16

I was in need of a car charger for my MacBook Pro 16 2019 model. I bought a Lifepowr TP96 Car Charger. After connecting my MacBook pro to this charger, it has damaged the charging hardware in my MacBook Pro, which I will need to take to apple to replace the MacBook logic board. The issues are: 

1. When there is no charging cable connected to the MacBook USB-C port, the MacBook is displaying "Power source: Power Adaptor." 

2. When I connect the USB-C charger to the MacBook, it takes 5 seconds before it starts to charge. 

3. I no longer hear the "tong" notification sound when the USB-C charge cable is connected to the MacBook.

Screenshot 2019-12-19 at 10.34.32 am.png


Be warned. Do not plug your MacBook pro 16inch to a Lifepowr TP96 Car Charger. It will damage it


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