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Why I will never buy Weber BBQ again


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Why I will never buy Weber BBQ again

I bought a Weber Performer in 2016 to upgrade to a much bigger BBQ with a more modern look. I was hoping to buy once, last forever. I also bought the Weber cover for the BBQ. After one year the Timer stop working and the BBQ cover started to deteriorate. Due to my busy life, I never thought of contacting Weber regarding the warranty. In 2019 the BBQ table broke. I thought that's enough, I did a web search to see if other folks had the same issues, low and behold the Weber Performer plastic table was breaking both lefts and rights all over the world. I read some folks got a free metal version replacement from Weber. I contacted Weber UK who told me the plastic table only has 2 years warranty. I had to tell the Weber UK customer service agent, no' on your Weber website it states all plastic parts has 5 years warranty. In the end, Weber replaced the performer plastic table for a metal version, the BBQ cover and the one-touch cleaning system for free. I was told the rusty frame and the faulty timer only has 2 years warranty, Weber UK said I will have to buy the timer for £19.89. 
Will I ever buy a Weber BBQ again? Hell NO!! 
This BBQ is not weather sealed, whatever paint Weber uses is not weatherproof paint. The timer stop working in one year.
My Weber Performer shows sign of rust for a BBQ that is almost 3 years old which was under a BBQ cover.
Weber sells Expensive items which are cheaply made in China.
Why should I pay over £400 for a BBQ then less than 3 years it becomes a rust bucket, with a broken table and a faulty timer.
Live and learn. 

Stay away from weber BBQ if you live in the UK.

They are Rust Buckets. Cheap China made RUBBISH.




Weber Proformer BBQ cover cracked up after one year use.




Broken Plastic Table 






RUST BUCKET Weber pro former almost 3 years old sitting outside with a Weber BBQ cover.




The Replacement parts I received with new metal table,  but no timer.





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