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Hi Everyone, My name is Carsten from Denmark and I'm a field Service Technician with Electronical degree as background.

My hobby is Opel Insignia and I have had this for about 1½ year now. I'm in the planning face to opgrade my HMI module (2.0) and radio to HMI (2.5) to be able to use the Apple Carplay or Android Auto. MY2014 Opel Insignia SportsTourer 2.0 CDTI OPC Line

Insignia venstre side profil billed.jpg

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Hi Troy Thanks I'm very happe with my insignia MY2014 and is still want to try upgrading HMI 2.0 to 2.5 byt not sure if I can use any used 2.5 

I have china clone OP-COM and is able to detect my vehicle detailed information with some serial and Partnumbers. I also got a Diag Nano and able to connect


1 of 2_Detailed Vehicle Info.png

2 of 2_Detailed Vehicle Info.png

(#01).- (Active)_BodyControlModule.png

(#03).- (Active)_Instrument Cluster.png

(#03). -(Active)_Programming Instrument Cluster (Failed-Writing) .png

13.JUL.2022_Diagnostic Test Status_ This Ignition Cycle.pdf 13.JUL.2022_Distance with MIL On.pdf 13.JUL.2022_DPF Overtemperature Event Data.pdf 13.JUL.2022_Engine Overspeed Event Data.pdf 13.JUL.2022_Inspection_Maintenance System Status Data.pdf 13.JUL.2022_Read Vehicle Wide DTC and ID Information.pdf 13.JUL.2022_Vehicle DTC Information.pdf

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I guess it's recomended to buy used HMI 2.5 so can fall back on old system just in case.

I also downloaded wehicle sw info to USB, but this is a dobble usb so might need to change that as well?



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