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TCICM K73 Telematics

TCICM:  K73 Telematics  Communication Interface Control Module

2 files

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    TCICM PIN Change Equinox 5-Byte Seed

    This DPS file can change the PIN CODE in Equinox 5-Byte Seed TCICM modules.
    Without a pin code change in a used IPC, BCM, EBCM, and SDM, you won’t be able to program those modules via GM online SPS service using the vehicle’s original PIN.
    In order to change the PIN code in a used GM module, you will need to know the PIN code that’s already programmed/stored in that module. Without knowing that PIN code, you cannot change the PIN code in the modules using DPS.  You have to wait 12 minutes for the PIN code programming procedure to be completed by DPS.
      Methods for knowing the PIN CODE stored in a used module.
    Connect the used module to DPS, then use the "get Controller Info" option to know the VIN stored in the module.
    You can then use this VIN to PIN service to know the PIN CODE stored in the used module.
    VIN to PIN Service
    Watch this video to see the process.

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  2. $100

    TCICM VIN Change Equinox 5-Byte Seed

    TCICM VIN Change Equinox 5-Byte Seed DPS archive.
    This DPS archive file can be used to change the VIN number in the TCICM module.
    5-Byte Seed key compatible.


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