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GM Tutorials

GM General Motors Tutorials

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  1. $150

    GM Service Information access for cheap

    When the mind gets bored, it sometimes finds naughty naughty things to do. Naughty guy Troy 🙂
    I mastered this puzzle/hack some time ago, which grants me unlimited access to GM Service Information for free. As much as I would like to share this trick with everyone freely like once upon a time, the times have changed and to preserve the duration of this trick I will not.
    Anyway. This file includes information for gaining access to GM SI "Service Information" which includes GM vehicle module Pinout schematics, diagrams and other vehicle servicing information. It covers North American, European and other models. 
    With this file you will gain unlimited GM SI access for eternity or until the hole gets close. 
    Note: This does not support the China region. However, you can choose Korea or GMIO region instead.
    Worldwide database access



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  2. $100

    XML files video tutorial

    This file consists of a video tutorial which demonstrates how to retrieve the XML files for a module and how to add of remove RPO codes from the module using the GM DPS software tool.
    It also includes information on how to manually activate and deactivate hidden menus in the IPC module using DPS.
    NOTE: The video tutorial was created using the older SPS, which is the same as the Europe Service box SPS. The newer Techline SPS2 is the same process as the older SPS, only with a folder name change. 

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  3. $100

    How to create GM DPS Type4 Application files manually

    How to create GM DPS Type4 Application files manually.
    In this tutorial, I demonstrate how to manually create GM Type4 Application files, which can be used with DPS to program a module's Configuration and Setup programming.
    Great for those who want to set up a module without using the GM online SPS service.
    Fully detailed PDF tutorial that illustrates the process.

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  4. $100

    GM HMI 2.5 EMMC Chip Pinouts for dumping the HMI Emmc Chip

    GM HMI 2.5 EMMC Chip Pinouts for dumping the HMI 2.5 Emmc micro Chip
    This PDF file illustrates a pin diagram that identifies the HMI 2.5 EMMC chip pins for connecting to a SD card adaptor for dumping the contents of the HMI 2.5 module's EMMC chip, which stores the Sat-Nav maps, calibration files, VIN number and other operating files.
    Knowing the HMI EMMC pinouts has various benefits.
    You can modify various files example: install your own custom boot up video for the display. Repair a faulty HMI that has corrupted EMMC chip files. Swap Map files. etc.


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