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GM Vehicle Software Tools

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  1. $150

    GM Seed Key Generator Tool

    Introductory price of $150 for a limited time.
    I am pleased to announce the release of the GM seed key generator tool. A tool created by the original developer zpx
    This tool can be used to generate the seed key for all GM 5 and 2 byte seed electronic modules.
    Note: You must input the module's seed and security algorithm to generate the correct seed key.
    The included "Read Me! Instructions.pdf" demonstrates how to know a module's algorithm code.
    A useful tool for advanced users who want to manually send commands to the modules. 
    Note: This tool is for advanced users. I do not offer any form of support regarding figuring out your module's seed and algorithm, do not message me asking as I will not reply.
    This tool is locked to the PC hardware ID 
    After purchasing, you must install the tool and send a private message, including your PC hardware ID to @Troy  to receive your activation key.
    How to receive your activation code.
    Download the tool from the downloads section. Extract the "GM Seed Key Generator.zip" to your PC desktop. Open the PDF file "Read Me! Instructions.pdf", read its content and follow the instructions.  
    GM Seed Key Generator


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  2. $100

    Blind-Spot module VIN change Insignia-A

    UnZip Me! Blind-Spot module VIN change Insignia-A

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  3. $120

    DPS 4.53.0000

    All new purchasers will receive the newer version, DPS v4.53.0000
    DPS 4.53.0000. 
    This version does not have access to the network security validation facility for Global B.
    After purchase, I will need to activate DPS v4.52.2000 via the TeamViewer application remotely.

    Development Programming System 
    DPS Release Version 4.52.2000
    (1)     New J2534 and DoIP logging features.
    (2)     Windows 7 support ending.
    (3)     New key provisioning error messaging.
    (4)     Updates to Onstar special request method.
    DPS Release Version 4.52.1000
    (1)     Updates to Help->Installation->Get Status to improve debugging.
    (2)     New certificate handling helpers for invalid certificates.
    (3)     Changed NMF (wake-up message) for CAN 2.0 / CAN FD to use 12 byte non-padded frame under ISO15765.
    (4)     Added additional SAE FD messages for message flags and API errors.
    (5)     Separated device IOCTL calls for devices that do not support terminating resistors for CAN FD.
    DPS Release Version 4.52.0000
    (1)     DPS now uses SAE J2534 CAN FD.
    (2)     New IECS server URLs for key provisioning and secure unlock.
    DPS Release Version 4.51.1000
    (1)     Key provisioning process modification to accomodate new module.
    DPS Release Version 4.51.0000
    (1)     New IECS access module.
    (2)     Key provisioning bulk unlock.
    (3)     New DIDs in GCI.
    (4)     Removed capture dialog.
    (5)     DoIP stability improvements.
    (6)     General application improvements.
    DPS Release Version 4.50.0000
    (1)     New DoIP setting which allows for messages larger than 4K bytes.
    (2)     Added Isuzu UDS.
    (3)     Message retransmission indicator for UDS.
    (4)     Changed log file time resolution to have millisecond precision.
    (5)     Added ZF UDS.
    (6)     Removed ipv6 menu option.
    (7)     Added new log messages upon interpreter errors.
    (8)     Removed run utility only option.
    DPS Release Version 4.49.0000
    (1)     DPS Sequential Programming Enhancement.  New logic so that unique time delay values can  
              be added between the programming events.
              Contact "[email protected]" for current "sequential documentation".
              (Sequential Programming User Guide.pdf   - rev 1.13 - May 2021)
    (2)     Provide the DPS user the ability to override Network Management Frame data for VIP/GEM 
              communication events when a Gateway module is not present on the test bench (Back side 
              of gateway testing).    The Network Management Frame data is not consistent between Model
              The override data is contained in a "VcsConfig.txt" file located in the root \DPS\ folder.
    (3)     Add logic to extend the Response Timeout for VIP (GB) ECUs based on the size of the transmit
              data message.   Support for excessively large STmin values (20ms).
              Note:   Only applicable for when a CGM is gating messages. 
    (4)     Miscellaneous minor enhancements and bug fixes.

    DPS Release Version 4.48.0000
    (1)     Added new set MEC to 0 archives for VIP.
    (2)     Added new erase SBAT DID F0F8 bin file.
    (3)     License verification enhancements.
    (4)     Added new help links, new Get Status window to interrogate DPS system status.
    (5)     Minor bugfixes.
    DPS Release Version 4.47.0000
    (1)        Changed RID 020E payload from FF 00 00 to FF FF FF.
    (2)     Added new PEC errors.
    (3)     Interpreter enhancements.
    DPS Release Version 4.46.6000
    (1)        Changed GEM and Global B “Protocol and Communication Settings” to include selections for with and without Gateway.
            Partial Network Wakeup messages will only be sent out when the user selection indicates that there is No Gateway.
    (2)        For Global B communications on a vehicle 'with a Gateway' (CGM), DPS will could wait up to 20 seconds for ECUs to wake up.
            During the wait, the mapping matrix may be rebuilt 3 times until conditions are optimal.
    (3)     Inclusion of support for Global B DoIP with respect to Sequential Programming.
    (4)     Inclusion of support for Global B DoIP with respect to SuperSession Table (SST) programming.
    (5)     Key Provisioning: Eliminated superfluous Extended Diagnostic Session request (10 03) prior to writing ECU slot data to reduce the amount of IECS server requests.
    (6)     UDS Op Code 01 – Inclusion of Ethernet Routing Subnet setting via AC2 parameter (DoIP).  
    (7)     Sequential Programming will continue on even if one of the sequenced events fails.
    (8)     Miscellaneous other updates:
             - Minor UI changes.
             - Changed certain timing parameters to encourage successful communication.
             - Added very small delay around tester present messages for Class 2 protocol.
             - Fixed a minor bug in the UART interpreter.
             - Minor enhancements to the GMLAN interpreter.
             - (Type4 Developers) Fixed a bug in which spawning a Type 4 could result in an incorrect CAN FD variant.
             - Attempting to unlock a GMLAN ECU via the DVT security Levels 03/04 in DPS will result in a fatal error. DPS does not support DVT Unlock.
             - DIMSUM UDS, change m_P2cTimeout from 150ms to 500ms (stability).
    DPS Release Version 4.45.3000
    (1)     Added new certificate search criteria for certificate installation notifications.
    DPS Release Version 4.45.2000
    (1)     Fixed a bug causing dubious results during super session events.
    DPS Release Version 4.45.1000
    (1)     Fixed a bug causing 5-byte unlock to fail for new DPS users.
    DPS Release Version 4.45.0000
    (1)     Fixed a 5-byte security DLL reference issue with GMLAN protocol (Get Controller Info).
    (2)     Created new license and certificate installation process.
    (3)     Data log file updates for GM UDS Unlock and Key Provisioning IECS functionality.
    (4)     Modified Key Provisioning logic to support ECUs that have uninitialized KP slots.
    (5)     OpCode updates based on the current (2019) Interpreters (utility file) document: GM UDS OpCodes $2E, $31 and $02 (new).  Common OpCode $60 (placeholder).
    (6)     Add support for reading (Get Controller Info) and writing (ECU Bypass Ticket) for SBAT Installer GM UDS DID $F0F8.

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  4. $100

    GM VCAP Interpreter v4.5.7.2

    VCAP, vehicle wide capture of module identification data. The VCAP interpreter tool can view information for all the modules installed in a GM vehicle. For example, check the module's canbus data line, ECU name, ECU ID, part numbers, VIN, Mec state, security seed, and the mileage stored in the IPC, ECM and BCM. The vehicle's mileage records are stored in IPC, ECM and BCM. You can also view other information like vehicle specs, the vehicle's RPO codes etc.
    Included is the VCAP DPS Typ4 app, which can be use with DPS to read the VCAP from the vehicle.

    DPS Type4 App file.


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  5. $150

    GM DPS Archive Creator Tool version 2

    Introductory price of $150 for a limited time.
    I am pleased to announce the release of the GM DPS Archive Creator Tool Version 2, a tool created by the original developer zpx
    The tool can be used to automatically create the DPS archive file from the GM SPS cache folder calibration files and is great for those who want to quickly create a DPS archive file for programming a general motors electronic module.
    This tool is locked to the PC hardware ID. After purchasing you will need to install the tool and send a private message including your PC hardware ID to @Troy to receive your activation key.
    How to receive your activation code.
    Download the tool from the downloads section. Extract the "DPS_Archive_Creator_V2.zip" to your PC desktop. Open the PDF file "Read Me! Instructions.pdf" read its content and follow the instructions.  
    What's new in version 2
    Version 2 has 2 new features
    The tool can automatically create DPS archive files for Global-B vehicles.
    The tool can automatically create DPS archive files for Type4 files.
    The benefits of using the GM DPS Archive Creator Tool
    Saves time when creating a DPS archive file. No need to use the Tis2web website to identify the utility file anymore. No need to use 7zip to uncompress the calibration files. Easily identify the module's utility file.  
    Watch the video below to see the quick process for automatically creating a DPS archive file.


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  6. $225

    GM Emulator v.2

    CAUTION: using this tool with acdelco website may get you banned!!!!! use at your own discretion.
    The video attached was recorded on my kitchen table with no obd interface attached to my pc. no vehicle needed.
    This is not like the previous version where you need the "VIN" "CB' "CC" window pop up.
    It is best used with a dealer or cr*cked version account.
    it is confirmed to work with opel and ofcourse all GM.
    some countries may not be supported message me to check with a vin before purchase if you are unsure.
    the purchase will also come with some hidden tricks using sps for buyers only.
    Installation will be done via teamviewer same or next day after cameraloops has recieved payment depending on time of purchase.


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  7. $60

    GM Global Tis v37 Opel/Vauxhall genuine DVD iso up to early 2014 cars, plus Keygen

    GM Global Tis v37 Opel/Vauxhall.
    This is the genuine DVD iso which includes key generator for up to early 2014 Opel/Vauxhall cars.
    It does not have offline SPS. 
    I do not offer any support for installing nor any support for getting this to work on your PC.


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