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    GM Emulator tool. VIN to PIN and emulate GM vehicle modules

    You can use this tool to virtually emulate the OBD interface and emulate the electronic modules in GM vehicles.
    The modules which can be emulated are, ECM, TCM, BCM, EBCM, SDM, EPS, ECC, AFL, IPC, CGM, RADIO, EPB and C2.
    Things you can do with this tool.
    You can retrieve the Car Pass/four-digit PIN code for GM vehicles using only the vehicle's VIN number, aka VIN to PIN. You can use this tool with GM Techline connect SPS service to retrieve GM SPS calibration files without connecting a vehicle to an OBD interface. This is great for collecting various calibration files from various VIN number for activating features to your liking.  
    This tool is locked to PC hardware ID. After purchasing we will activate your PC via the Team Viewer application.
    At the moment this tool does not work with Russian GM vehicles.


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