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Learn how to activate features in the GM IPC Instrument Cluster using the GM DPS Tool

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In this course, you will learn to manually activate or deactivate parameters/options in the IPC using the GM DPS tool.


Things you will learn

Change the VIN in supported modules.

Add or remove RPO codes using the GM DPS tool.

Activate the Speed Limit icon from the Sat-Nav Map.




Deactivate error DTC such as the Service messages displayed on the IPC screen by faulty Blind Spot side detection system modules.




Activate or deactivate the IPC Pocket Gauges.




Activate the IPC Turbo Boost PSI Pocket Gauge.




Activate the performance menus.  




Course preview. A fully detailed online interactive course system, including a tutorial video.





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  • Learn how to activate features in the GM IPC Instrument Cluster using the GM DPS Tool

Course Materials You Must Already Have

  • A copy of GM DPS
  • Access to GM SPS Service

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Excellent information here, Troy, many thanks.


One question: is there a DID somewhere which can switch the TSM icon to a rectangle instead of a circle?  (You show us how to switch the speed limit sign displayed from the satnav data to rectangular, of course - my question is whether there's one that can flip the sign displayed from the traffic monitoring data that comes off of the front camera.)  I've been hunting in several places and have not been successful as yet.

Response from the author:

Thanks for your review 👍.

The circle and rectangular speed limit icon displays depending on which country RPO is set in the IPC. For example the Insignia, in the UK it's rectangle, while in other European countries it's circular with red digits. It also has to do with countries that uses miles or Kilometres.

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