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    How To Replace Vauxhall Insignia Oil Pickup Gasket, Insignia Low Oil Pressure Warning Fix,

    How-to replace oil pump pickup gasket, for Vauxhall Insignia, Opal Insignia 

    The method for replacing the gasket on a manual transmission and an automatic transmission is almost the same. All the automatic transmission insignia cars have the pre cutout on the transmission box to remove the two Torx bolts with no need to rotate the engine's flywheel.

    Insignia low oil pressure warning.



    Replacement oil pickup gasket





















    Holes cut with a drill to gain access to two bolts


    Some manual transmission insignia cars have the pre cutout on the transmission box to remove the two Torx bolts, while some manual transmission insignia cars do not have this cutout and you will need to undo the transmission gearbox from the engine or drill two holes in

    the transmission gearbox to gain access to these two bolts.
























    Oil Pump with gasket 


    Extra non standard tools needed

    1. 32mm socket and a breaker bar use to remove the driveshaft big bolt.

    2. A SLIM 150mm Long T40 Magnetic Star Torx Screwdriver Bit, use to remove the 2 T40 Torx bolts, which is located on the transmission side. (this can be found on eBay under "Hakkin 8pcs S2 Steel 150mm T8-T40 Magnetic Extra Long Star Torx Security Screwdriver Bits Set"

    3. Some sort of chisel, use to break the sump from the engine after removing all bolts.


    Parts needed for this job.

    1. Engine oil.

    2. Oil filter

    3. Some transmission oil.

    4. Sump gasket. part number: 55589549


    This is not a difficult task and can be done with a standard car toolkit and a few extra tools.

    In this video I started at 11am and finish at 6pm, that's with a lot of tea breaks and taking my jolly slow time. Good luck.


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