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    Creating a Brass hinges for a Constantine lighter Movie size

    The first hinges on my lighter broke, it was thin and not strong enough. This time around I thought I'll create a much thicker hinge from a bit of bass bar. The best way to create the hinges would be to use a CNC milling machine which would need to be program and tested. I chose to create the hinge from the eye with a Dremel tool.





    I started off by tapping bigger threads for bigger screws.



    The brass bar I used to create the hinge.



    Measured and cut the bit I will use.




    Measured and mark both sides of the brass metal hinge using a sharpie and a razor blade 




    After some Time I had both sides groove cut outs and fitting spot on.




    Grinding and milling to the size I need.




    Riveted up and seems ok.




    After one day I completed the hinges, installed a patina.




    Engraved my name on the back.




    After creating the hinges I created a bigger close hammer for the lighter lid.

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